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We aim to create an environment where travelers can enjoy traveling in ease and comfort.
We want to provide joy and surprise through the services we provide.

Become the representative hostel operator in Japan

Create a gathering place for people through the power of design and technology



UNPLAN Village Hakuba

2019.12 Open/ Hakuba, Nagano

UNPLAN Village Hakuba is located in Tsugaike Kogen, a mountain resort in Hakuba of Nagano prefecture.
We operate two buildings –UNPLAN Village Hakuba 1 and UNPLAN Village Hakuba 2.
UNPLAN Village Hakuba 1 has a stylish design and is recommended for young people and couples.
UNPLAN Village Hakuba 2 is designed for families with its lodge-like design where you can feel the warmth of trees.


2019.3 Open/ Shinjuku, Tokyo

Our second location, under the UNPLAN brand, UNPLAN Shinjuku is located in the center of the popular tourist area of Shinjuku.
The interior has a colorful, stylish design mimicking the neon lights of nighttime Shinjuku. Our friendly staff do everything they can to make sure our guests have the most comfortable stay possible.
“Encounter by UNPLAN” is a joint establishment bar located in the basement level of UNPLAN Shinjuku.


2016.4 Open / Kagurazaka, Tokyo

UNPLAN is a name derived from the world unplanned.
In UNPLAN we hope to create a place where unplanned travel leads to unplanned encounters that give birth to unplanned perspectives.
Both our dormitory and private rooms are stylishly designed with careful attention to detail, creating a “luxurious” atmosphere despite being a hostel.
Our 1st floor cafe “Gather by UNPLAN” is open to everyone including non-hostel guests.


2018.2 Open / Kodemmacho, Tokyo

Sleep, Pray, Love
hostel DEN was designed with the concept of a “den” in mind.
A den, a study room or a place for retreat, was adapted into the concept of our hostel as a place for guests who want to spend time relaxing as if they were in their own home.
Most of DEN’s staff members are from overseas, allowing us to provide an international approach to hospitality and services.
Here you will find friendly and casual service that you would expect in Europe or North America, and we are even willing to break the rules every once in a while to meet our guests’ requests.
Internationally-minded service by international staff for international guests.
DEN is also the first Muslim-friendly hostel in Japan, with a free prayer room available for guests.
We also offer other services for Muslim guests, such as introducing them to Halal-certified restaurants in the area using our restaurant map.


Company name | FIKA CO., Ltd.

FIKA means snack time in Swedish.
Regardless of whether it’s during work or play, if someone yells FIKA everyone gathers around for a quick break with some coffee and snacks.
We want to incorporate the relaxed and playful spirit of FIKA into our workplace while working diligently towards the same goal at the same time.

Address | 162-0808 Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Tenjincho 23-1
Representative | Founder Hiroki Fukuyama


Our goal is not just simple accommodation work but also “trip support work” for tourists to have a fun and comfortable stay in Japan.
We’d like to welcome people who want to create a platform for inbound tourism and at the same time, support tourists during their trip.


Please contact us by filling out the form below for inquiries about commissioning our company for hostel planning and management operations, consulting, media or joint work.